Mar 31, 2023
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호불호가 없을 만큼의 중간 맛이다.
특별한 맛이 아니라 무난한 맛이지만 생각했던 맛있는 그 맛이다.

Tteokbokki is one of Korea’s representative street foods, consisting of chewy rice cakes and various ingredients cooked in a rich and spicy gochujang (red pepper paste) sauce. It is typically made with a combination of gochujang, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and sugar, creating a harmonious and flavorful taste. Tteokbokki is characterized by its bold gochujang flavor and sweet sauce.

The dish often includes rice cakes, fish cakes (odeng), onions, green onions, and other ingredients, all simmered together to achieve a savory and spicy flavor. Sometimes, additional ingredients such as ham, gimbap (seaweed rice rolls), and eggs are added for variety.

Korean cuisine tends to have significant variations in taste, even for the same dish, depending on how it is seasoned and prepared.
Tteokbokki is a snack that students often enjoy after school, indulging in it during their leisure time.

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