Jan 15, 2024
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은대구 매운탕 @Gamja Bawi Korean Restaurant

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코리아 타운 프라자에 있는 감자바위는 한식 레스토랑이다.
오늘은 은대구 매운탕을 먹어 봤다.
한국에서 먹던 맛과 가장 비슷한 맛을 내는것 같다.
부들 부들한 은대구의 식감이 일품이다.
공깃밥 추가는 필수다.

Gamjawi, located in Korea Town Plaza, is a Korean restaurant. Today, I tried Eundaegu Maeuntang. It tastes closest to the flavors I remember from Korea. The tender texture of the codfish is exceptional. Adding a bowl of fluffy rice is a must.

Eundaegu Maeuntang is a traditional Korean dish, particularly known for its spicy seafood stew made with codfish (eundaegu). This dish is famous for its rich spiciness and the flavorful taste of fresh seafood. Typically, it involves boiling a spicy broth using gochujang (red pepper paste) and gochugaru (red pepper flakes), and simmering codfish and various seafood together to enhance the deep flavor. Eundaegu, with its distinct chewy texture and mild taste, is an ideal ingredient that complements the spiciness of the stew. This spicy stew is particularly well-suited for cold winters in Korea and offers a hearty and delicious meal with a variety of seafood

The dish often includes rice cakes, fish cakes (odeng), onions, green onions, and other ingredients, all simmered together to achieve a savory and spicy flavor. Sometimes, additional ingredients such as ham, gimbap (seaweed rice rolls), and eggs are added for variety.

Korean cuisine tends to have significant variations in taste, even for the same dish, depending on how it is seasoned and prepared.

928 South Western Avenue #129, 928 S Western Ave #1FL, Los Angeles, CA 90006

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